Grammar of the Novegradian Language

Граматика Лизика Новеградескаево

A Reference Grammar of the Novegradian Language


The most current version of the Novegradian grammar is available as a pdf e-book here:

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Otherwise, the entire text of the grammar may be browsed online.


Online Index of Topics

a. Foreword

b. Abbreviations

1. Background - Introduction, Relationships, History

2. Phonology - Vowels, Consonants, Allophony, Constraints, Stress

3. Writing - Alphabet, Spelling Rules, Foreign Loans

4. Verbal Morphology - Tenses, Aspects, Conjugation, Participles, Adverbials

5. Nominal Morphology - Gender, Cases, Declensions, Topicalization

6. Adjectival Morphology - Short Form Adjectives, Topicalized Adjectives, Comparatives, Superlatives

7. Numerals - Cardinals, Ordinals, Animacy

8. Pronouns - Personal pronouns, Declension, Possessives, Interrogatives, Correlatives

9. Names - Family names, Patronymics

10. Derivational Morphology - Nominalization, Adjectivalization, Verbalization, Adverbialization, Loaning

11. Verbal Syntax - The Use of the Verb

12. Nominal Syntax - The Use of the Noun

13. Adjectival and Adverbial Syntax - The Use of the Adjective, Numbers, The Use of the Adverb

14. Topicalization - Topic Reference, Topic Change, Examples

15. Pronominal Syntax - The Use of the Pronoun

16. Prepositions - Use, Form, Case Governance

17. Clauses and Conjunctions - Coordinating Conjunctions, Subordinating Conjunctions, Reduplication

18. Questions - Interrogative Syntax, Echo Questions, Element Extraction

19. Reported Speech - Statements, Commands, Requests, Questions

20. Discourse Markers - Affirmation, Correction, Mood, Deixis

21. Emphasis and Word Order - Emphatic Particles, Word Order, Interaction with Topicalization

22. Spoken Novegradian - Reduction, Colloquial Language, New Formations

23. Dialects - Regional Varieties, Sound Correspondences, Foreign Influences

24. Historical Phonology and Morphology - Sound Changes, Grammar Changes

25. Appendices - Colors, Time and Date, Kinship, Punctuation, Common Slavic Morphology



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